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having boobs is the most wonderful and annoying thing ever

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Number 17 please.

17: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?

Yup! A cousin bashed my head in and fractured my skull, I fell down the stairs and cracked some ribs, and I once broke my foot by hitting my foot into a chair my dad moved and that I couldn’t see in a dark hallway. The chair leg landed between my big toe and the next toe, and the whole big toe snapped sideways and the bone (not the toe, where it attaches in the foot) broke. OH! And my pointer toe is longer than the big toe, so I’ve bashed that into all sorts of things and now the tip is crooked. And I have treated exactly zero of these (I went to the hospital for the skull and got turned away because foreign places, and they told me they couldn’t do anything for the bruises but offer pain killers I didn’t want. The rest I just walked off)

・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚Send Me an Ask

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゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚Send Me an Ask

  • 1: What is your name and does it mean anything?
  • 2: How long have you known your best friend?
  • 3: What position do you normally sleep in?
  • 4: Were you a part of any “clique” in high school?
  • 5: Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?
  • 6: Do you wish to travel a lot?
  • 7: Did you participate in any sports while in school?
  • 8: Show a sample of your handwriting:
  • 9: Have you ever given blood?
  • 10: Do you like the way that you grew up?
  • 11: Do you like your siblings? Why or why not?
  • 12: How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends?
  • 13: Name one movie that made you cry.
  • 14: Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?
  • 15: Things about someone that you find attractive?
  • 16: What song are you currently listening to?
  • 17: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
  • 18: A random memory from you childhood:
  • 19: Where did you grow up?
  • 20: What was the last thing you watched on tv?
  • 21: Do you think you’d make a good parent?
  • 22: Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?
  • 22: What was the last dream you remember having?
  • 23: When is your birthday?
  • 24: How many pillows do you sleep with?
  • 25: Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?
  • 26: What color is your hair?
  • 27: Name 5 facts about your appearance:
  • 28: What is your favorite soda?
  • 29: What is a strange talent that you have?
  • 30: How’s the weather right now?
  • 31: Why did one of your friendships end?
  • 32: Who do you miss right now?
  • 33: Why did your last relationship end?
  • 34: Are you still figuring out who you are?
  • 35: Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?
  • 36: What is your favorite restaurant?
  • 37: What is word that you always seem to spell wrong?
  • 38: Would ever adopt kids?
  • 39: What is your favorite kind of pizza?
  • 40: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
  • 41: When was the last time you got really really happy and why?
  • 42: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • 43: How do you start a conversation?
  • 44: What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately?
  • 45: Do you come from a family “of money?”
  • 46: Do you have a bucket list?
  • 47: What is your favorite series of books?
  • 48: When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
  • 49: Where do you go when you’re sad?
  • 50: 5 random facts about yourself:
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That awkward moment when your family won’t knock, so they wander in on you sitting cross legged on your bed in your star trek shorts, humming into an old metal tea pot full of runes. 

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Hey so IF we have a MUTUAL follow goin on, feel free to ask for my 

  • cellular number
  • snapchat
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  • kik
  • skype
  • email
  • facetime
  • first born

you know, anything you want

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Please Reblog This If:


You have a blog with any of the following themes/posts:

-Greek Gods and Goddesses
-punk rock
-awesome and interesting art stuff
-metaphysical shops (online shops as well)
-etsy shop
-food (ie recipes and such)

I will follow blogs with any of these themes and posts.



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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for torotix ! almost everything in this one can be found somewhere on the floor of my room




UNUSUAL HOARD commission for torotix ! almost everything in this one can be found somewhere on the floor of my room


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can we please not ask marvel for a loki movie until we have a black widow movie and possibly a ms. marvel movie or smth like

I’d rather have a Loki movie any-day. I want a movie where the bad guy is the main character.

did you literally miss the entire point of my post like we need a female lead movie and a poc lead movie and a woc lead movie before we have another wank fest over an angsty villian who just happens to be white like most of marvel’s main mcu characters okay like chill we don’t need a loki movie 


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All those times you thought you felt a text message were actually a cute lil ghost who wanted to be your friend.

You monster.