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Posted on Saturday, May 17, 2014
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So remember when I said I was making Wash’s sweater for my godfather? Well it’s his birthday, and I finished it. Like five minutes ago while he sat here and laughed at me. BUT IT IS DONE, MY FIRST COMPLETE SWEATER!

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  2. livingflame said: that looks so awesome!
  3. cheshicat said: Gorgeous!!!
  4. p7tog said: Congratulations!! It’s so beautiful!
  5. notloblawlawblog said: YAY!!! You’ll catch the sweater bug now. I’ve made 4 sweaters and a tank top in the last year in addition to my other smaller projects. The big projects are so fulfilling to finish.
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    You did such a great job! I wish I had the courage to start a sweater. He looks amazingly proud
  7. ericaleaps said: holy hell, that’s an incredible sweater! It looks great. Good for you, and your godfather looks like he loves it!
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